Before I Die Compaign

In the year 2006, the Lord directed me to begin a unique ministry to reach out to the multitude of hard of hearing people inside and outside the church.  My quest began by taking academic studies to prepare me to serve as a Hearing Loss Support Specialist.  This specialized training certified me to become a missionary advocate for hearing accessibility in the church.

Recently, we attended a senior networking meeting in Coolidge Park to see a special display. There was a portable chalkboard wall (8’ x 40’) called “Before I Die.”

Mr. Gary Mac, an advocate for Hospice, explained the purpose of the wall “Before I Die.” Dying patients would write their dying wish of doing something noble. It was discovered, when dying patients put their wish or hope on a worthy cause in writing; they live longer, and feel committed to make their wish come true.

I want to hear has been my dream. We were challenged to write our final wish before we die.

It has been my prayer to reach out to Hard of Hearing people and the churches. This has been my strong burden and passion since 2006. I knew what my calling and ministry has been these past ten years. I wrote this on the wall: Before I die.

“I want to see scores of churches become fully hearing accessible for hard of hearing in every department.”

In my heart, I wanted to write 10,000 churches in my lifetime. How can this be done? By publishing this book: a “Bill of Rights for the Hard of Hearing.” This book is a demonstration of love to reach out to the hearing impaired in and outside the church.

Every hard of hearing person can now be inspired to challenge the church to become hearing accessible. Every pastor, missionary, and teacher must see the hard of hearing as a mission field.

We must stop ignoring our members who suffer hearing loss. It is a serious problem that should be addressed in every church. Do not let this hearing accessible mission die. We need your help.

This book will help the hard of hearing:

  • Deal with hearing loss
  • Build social confidence
  • Help ban discrimination
  • Improve communication skills
  • Discover alternative strategies for hearing

You have the Rights to hear wherever you go!

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