Our Approach

There is no magic pill, no magic surgery, no magic technology, that helps a person hear that is more effective than for speakers to purposefully face the listener so that both speaker & listener are actively engaged in the communication process.

Our Story

My passion to understand my parents, my brother & sister, my wife & children, the church evangelists, has led me to try all the devices and all the techniques to improve my comprehension of the world around me.  This Desire to Understand inspires my advocacy for others who are similarly hearing impaired.

Meet the Team

David and Cathy met 50 years ago in St Paul, Minnesota, and have been
together ever since. Now they live in Chattanooga, enjoying their
retirement from commercial painting and nursing.

David & Cathy Harrison

David & Cathy Harrison

talking & being heard

Minnesota guy meets Michigan gal.

cover of "Bill of Rights for the Hard of Hearing" by David Harrison

the Book

the Bill of Rights for
the Hard of Hearing
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Face Me - I Lip Read button

the Magic Button

Face Me - I Lip Read
~ alerts people who want to talk with you that they can helpful interactive persons in the dialogue

Next Steps...

Read the book, wear the button, organize with others.